Install LModeA-nano

LModeA-nano is a PyMOL plugin, therefore, PyMOL program (version >= 2.5) has to be installed first. If PyMOL is not installed on your computer yet, please check Install PyMOL.

The latest code of LModeA-nano can be obtained at GitHub repo By clicking CodeDownload ZIP, the source package is downloaded to your disk and this zip file needs to be uncompressed as a folder before the next step.

[中国大陆的用户可以访问 GitLab 上的镜像repo,点击 Download 即可下载源代码。]

After launching PyMOL program on your computer, navigate to the menu bar PluginPlugin Manager. In the pop-up dialog window Plugin Manager, navigate to Install New Plugin tab, click Choose file… button. Then find the LModeA-nano-main folder and choose, click OK twice in the pop-up windows. LModeA-nano is now successfully installed and you should be able to see LModeA-nano in the drop-down list of Plugin menu of PyMOL.